Chapter X – Finally Complete!

It’s so great to have this for you!

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Chapter X Illustrations Complete!

Here’s the 321st illustration for Chapter X!

321 beautiful soup

All that’s left now is to edit the video, which is already partially done!

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Chapter X Home Stretch

Chapter X has over 275 illustrations now, and all I have left is “Beautiful Soup.” Then it’s editing¬† and the chapter will be ready for release. Hopefully sometime in November, but given my poor estimates for September and October, it could be December. It’s almost done!

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Chapter X is halfway finished

While I did promise I would have Chapter X finished by the end of September. I’m half-done with it, so it looks more like it will be out by the end of October instead.

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Chapter X is coming

It’s on its way


I’m dedicated to releasing Chapter X by the end of September 2017. It’s been too long, and I’ve finally figured out how to make it work for me.

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Illustration 100 from Chapter X

I’ve completed 100 illustrations for Chapter X. My guess is there will be about 100 more. I’m about halfway through the chapter.


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Chapter II Trivia

In honor of July 4th, the day of the boating trip that spawned Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I’m going to run through some Easter eggs and trivia concerning my adaptation of Chapter II – The Pool of Tears.

001 - Curiouser and Curiouser

I of course had to redraw Alice for her embiggened form after tasting the “Drink Me” bottle, and added her toppling of the table and bottle in the process as a little flavor to the scene.

152 filled with tears again as she went on

When it came time for the fan, rather than shrink Alice herself, I made the background enlarge for the sake of simplicity. This a raw image from Alice shrinking, with a note to myself that was edited out during production.

153 - 186 shrinking backgroundThis is a “background plate” for Alice shrinking. It was this that enlarged behind her.

188 - 197 backgroundLikewise, this image was used as a background for when she dropped the fan. It enlarged with the image of the door, so Alice’s rate of shrinking was consistent.

204 but alas the door...againWhen Alice returns to the door, I cleaned up the enlarged version. It mayu seem that it would be simpler for me to have made a gigantic version with the door of this size and enlarged it from a “shrunken” version but it would have been tricky for the resolutions to line up. I chose to keep the pixels bulky in this enlarged image, as slimming them would make the door look too normal.

213 She was up to her chin in saltwater


The image of Alice just after she falls into the Pool of Tears is made as an imitation of John Tenniel’s original illustration.

07 Passing the Mouse


Likewise, the image of Alice swimming past the mouse is also an “imiTenniel.” I’m really happy with how the mouse turned out, by the way.

307 curious creaturesFinally, a Creeper from Minecraft makes a prominent appearance in the Pool of Tears with the mention of “other curious creatures.” Its inclusion was always intended as a joke, and a way for me to have fun with the project. No one outwardly disliked its inclusion as far as I know, and I don’t think it took anything away from the faithfulness of the adaptation. The Creeper was my way of “modernizing” the story without detracting from it, unlike most adaptations I have seen. If I were to¬† go back and prepare Project Carroll for a DVD release or something similarly insane, I would of course remove the Creeper.


Chapter X is progressing slowly, but it is progressing! I will have more time to dedicate to it soon, and if all goes well, I will have it out sometime in September or October.

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