Chapter VIII illustrations complete!

There are 391 in total. Here’s one to celebrate!

359 appealed to by all three to settle the questionNow that the illustrations are done, I can start on the editing of the Chapter video itself.

This makes me want to share my process. At some point I intend to make a video for the Project Carroll YouTube channel detailing the production of an entire Chapter start to finish. I might do that for Chapter XII. We’ll see.

When I do a Chapter for Project Carroll, I first skim or read the book chapter a few times, and practice the delivery of some dialogue bits with a few of the characters. Sometimes I develop a voice for a character, as I had to do with the Queen of Hearts and the three gardeners. I practice that voice until it’s ready, and then I record myself reading the chapter aloud. I then read through the chapter again, drawing illustrations for just about every idea, not necessarily every sentence. Some illustrations make up a third of a sentence, and others make up a third of a paragraph. It really depends on how much is going on.
Once the roughly 400 illustrations are done, including the new characters of the Chapter like the Queen of Hearts, I read the book chapter again and match the illustrations to the audio.
In total, I read the book chapter from start to finish about four times every time I make a video for Project Carroll, and I always discover something new to admire about Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece.

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