The King, Queen and Knave of Hearts

I’ve finished drawing the Royal Hearts. I’ll modify them a bit to fit the other three suits, and then it’s on to making the Chapter’s illustrations! That’ll be some work.

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3 Responses to The King, Queen and Knave of Hearts

  1. changeling69 says:

    I don’t like the graphics at all…..bring on the original style and modify it but not like this:)

    • Thank you for your thoughts!
      Sorry to hear you don’t like the designs, but I’m afraid I ca’n’t change them after 120 illustrations into a Chapter. The Queen of Hearts has to fit into the Project Carroll world like any other character, and I’ve decided to at least try to make her look like a playing card while being faithful to John Tenniel’s illustrations and also unique. Not only that, but Project Carroll is drawn at 320 x 240, so every pixel counts. The simple faces and paper doll style are necessary for the characters to be efficiently expressive and clean at such a resolution.
      In the end, the story is what really matters, and I’m telling it to the best of my ability.

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