The Project After Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Post 42!)

Even though I’m only halfway through Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Chapter VII is on it’s way, don’t worry!), I’m going to go ahead and change plans for the Project.  Just a little. Instead of going right into Through the Looking-Glass after Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I’ve decided to have a non-Alice intermission involving all the poems in Three Sunsets And Other Poems. The collection has some absolutely beautiful pieces of Lewis Carroll’s poetry. Also, in doing the collection between Alice books, it gives the Project a nice alternation: Alice, Poetry, Alice, Poetry, Alice, Poetry, Alice, Poetry.

Project Carroll: Three Sunsets will go quickly quick, because there’s like…no illustration necessary. I just need to take video of willow trees and stuff.

Also, this is the 42nd post on this blog! YEEAAAAAAAAAH! Lewis Carroll would be proud.

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